Ancom from Malaysia vist Shinelite Eletric

Created on:2018-10-26 10:56

On 24th,Oct,2018. Manager Director from ANCOM came to visit SHINELITE factory.


The company's foreign trade department Miss Joyce, the factory director Mr. Li, and the assistant Mrs. Susan, warmly welcomed guests from afar. During the period, we introduced the company and product information to the customer in detail, provided the customer with samples, and opened the samples to check and introduce the inner materials, and the technical conducted on-site product testing and performance introduction for the customer.


After discussion in the showroom, they carefully visited our workshop and test room. They visited our pressing workshop, injunction workshop, punch workshop, assembling workshop, lasing room, and packing line and test room as well. It’s a very high request about the quality and certificate in Malaysia. Depending on the Malaysia market, they finally choose our Plastic Shine Range products.  


The whole process lasted around 3 hours, and finally the customer carried out the product quality and the company's strength. Ample affirmation and identification of long-term procurement partnerships. I hope that the two sides can establish long-term cooperative relations and seek common development.

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